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Halal Certification is a written fatwa from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) which states the halalness of a product in accordance with Islamic law. This Halal Certificate is a requirement to obtain permission to include the HALAL LABEL on product packaging from the authorized government agency.

Halal management, what is it?

Konsultan dan Jasa Pengurusan Halal MUI - RSO Consulting

Halal Certificate is a recognition of the halalness of a product issued by the Halal Product Guarantee Agency (BPJPH) based on a written halal fatwa issued by MUI. Meanwhile, the institution in charge of carrying out examination activities and / or testing the halalness of the product is the Halal Examining Agency (LPH).

RSO Consulting is able to serve Halal Certification services. This is proven through RSO Consulting Halal Auditors who have been certified and competent in their fields. RSO Consulting is also equipped with complete infrastructure in the Halal Certification process, namely through service points that can serve all of Indonesia.

Halal Consultant

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Professional and Competent

RSO Consulting is supported by halal consultants who are professional and competent in the halal industry and have been professionally certified by the National Professional Certification Agency.

Comprehensive Service

Starting from assistance in document preparation and implementation of the Halal Assurance System to assistance in registering halal certification registration at BPJPH and the Halal Examining Agency.

Experienced and Tested across Business Processes

RSO Consulting has experience designing Halal Assurance System implementation solutions that have been tested throughout the business process, starting from the raw material / food / beverage industry, restaurants, catering, and the kitchen of the Halal Examining Agency (LPH).

RSO Consulting Halal Certification Services

Memberikan jasa pengurusan halal secara menyeluruh dalam semua tahapan proses sertifikasi halal di Indonesia.

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