Mandatory Halal Certificate in 2024. If not yet Certified, Sanctions will be Imposed

Mandatory Halal Certificate in 2024. If not yet certified, sanctions will be imposed

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Halal Certification Obligations Come into Effect in 2024, BPJPH Reminds the Importance of Preparation

On October 17, 2024, the Ministry of Religious Affairs together with other stakeholders will implement mandatory halal certification throughout Indonesia. In order to prepare the public for this policy, the Halal Product Guarantee Agency (BPJPH) has initiated the 2024 Mandatory Halal Certification Campaign in 1,000 locations throughout Indonesia.

In this Mandatory Halal Certification Campaign, the Head of BPJPH, M. Aqil Irham, emphasized that the halal certification obligation which will be implemented on October 17, 2024 will apply to food products, beverages, slaughter products, slaughter services, raw materials, food additives, and auxiliary materials for food and beverage products.

In order to ensure the success of the initial stage of implementing this halal certification obligation, the government has provided convenience in the halal certification registration process through a free halal certification program called “Sehati”. This program provides a quota of one million for micro and small businesses (MSEs) through a self-declare scheme.

Responding to this program, M. Aqil Irham said, “This free halal certification program is our step to accelerate the implementation of halal certification.” He also added, “In welcoming the month of Ramadan 1444 hijriyah, I invite all business actors to immediately register halal certification of food, beverage products, slaughter services and slaughter products, raw materials, food additives, and auxiliary materials for food and beverage products before October 17, 2024.”

BPJPH and the Ministry of Religious Affairs have shown an example in accelerating the implementation of this halal certification program by requiring halal certification for all products and canteens in their own work environment. This step is expected to set a good example and inspire other communities to follow suit.

However, it is important to remember that if on October 17, 2024 there are still products that do not have halal certification, the business actors concerned may be subject to sanctions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

This halal certification obligation applies to all business actors, be it micro, small, medium or large businesses. Especially for micro and small businesses (MSEs), M. Aqil Irham invites them to take advantage of the free halal certification facilities available at the Ministry of Religion through BPJPH, as well as in other Ministries / Institutions and Local Governments.

He also expressed his hope, “Let us together realize Indonesia as the best halal product producer in the world with the spirit of ‘Halal Indonesia for the World Community’. Halal is good, halal is healthy, and halal is a blessing.”

M. Aqil Irham also mentioned the commitment of the Minister of Religious Affairs, Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, who made halal certification one of the priority programs of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. This is stated in the text of the Minister of Religion’s speech which was read at 1,000 campaign locations.

“The obligation of halal certification is the government’s commitment to provide comfort, security, safety, and certainty of the availability of halal products for the community,” he said.

He also added, “Today is a good start for Indonesia in order to make Indonesia the center of the world halal industry.”

Please note that the 2024 Mandatory Halal Certification Campaign involves all parties related to halal product assurance from the central to regional levels. Starting from the Provincial Halal Task Force throughout Indonesia, the Provincial Ministry of Religion Regional Office, and the Ministry of Religion Office at the Regency / City level, as well as Regional Governments, Halal Product Process Assistance Institutions (LP3H), Halal Examining Institutions (LPH), and various business associations.

M. Aqil Irham emphasized, “The involvement of all parties in 1,000 locations in Indonesia in this campaign is very important to convey messages related to the obligation of halal certification in the initial stage which will take effect in October 2024.”

With this halal certification obligation, it is hoped that Indonesia can be increasingly recognized as a leading producer of halal products in the world. All parties, both business actors and the public, need to play an active role in supporting and implementing this policy for the common good.


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