The Importance of BPOM Lisence Permit for Small and Medium Business Owners in the Food Sector

The Importance of BPOM Circular Permit for Small and Medium Business Owners in the Food Sector

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Nowadays, we can easily find a variety of small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in the food and beverage sector. However, there are still many MSME owners who do not realize how important it is to have a distribution permit from the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) for their products. Obtaining a BPOM license is concrete proof that the product has undergone rigorous testing and has ingredients that are safe for consumers. This, of course, can increase public or potential consumers’ trust in the product.

BPOM, which stands for Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, is an Indonesian agency that has the authority to supervise and regulate all medicines and food products circulating in Indonesia. The supervisory approach implemented by BPOM includes detection, monitoring, licensing, and prevention of product circulation.

The Important Role of BPOM Lisence Permit

The distribution permit from BPOM is the main requirement for obtaining permission to include the BPOM label on product packaging. When this BPOM label is displayed, it shows that the product being sold has a status that is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration. The presence of this BPOM certificate gives more confidence to consumers and potential consumers in consuming or using the products offered.

Financial Aspects Related to BPOM Lisence Permit

Given that the process of applying for a BPOM distribution permit takes quite a long time and involves clinical trials to ensure product safety, there are of course associated costs. This fee is part of the Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP). To register a product at BPOM, the fee starts from IDR 100,000 per product for medicines and IDR 100,000 per product for food.

Product Registration Process at BPOM

To register your product, you can access BPOM’s official website at Through this platform, the product distribution license registration process becomes simpler. The first step is to register the company that manufactures the product in question.

1. Company Registration

  • Access
  • Select the New Registration option
  • Fill in the company registration form provided, including company data, data of the person in charge, and user data
  • Continue to the next page
  • Enter information regarding the Building Facility Inspection (BPOM) owned by the factory
  • Upload all required files
  • Wait for the verification result

If the verification result shows that all data is correct and complete, you will receive a notification via email containing the User ID and Password to register food products.

2. Product Registration

After successfully registering the company, the next step is to obtain a BPOM distribution permit for the products to be sold. The following are the steps to obtain a product distribution permit at BPOM:

  • Visit the e-BPOM website at or download the e-BPOM application via Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • On the main page, find the Food e-Registration section and click Login.
  • Enter the user ID and password that you have registered when creating a new account.
  • After successfully logging in, complete all required information, including Product Data, Analysis Result Data, Raw Material Data, Nutritional Value Information Data (ING), and Product Claim Data.
  • Once all parts of the form are filled in, upload all the required files.
  • Next, send the uploaded physical files to the BPOM office address listed on the registration page.
  • The process of verification of application data and label design will take place.
  • Make the license payment and upload the proof of payment to the e-BPOM website. The payment will be verified by BPOM.
  • After the Registration Approval Letter (SPP) is issued, the business owner is required to submit the physical file of the Label Design and proof of payment to the BPOM office.
  • Wait for BPOM approval to obtain the Edar License Number for the product to be sold. This process usually takes a maximum of 30 working days from registration.

By complying with these steps, MSME owners can ensure that their products have a valid distribution permit and increase the level of consumer confidence. That is why having a BPOM distribution permit is very important in today’s food business world.


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